Concealed Carry Classes

January Concealed Carry Class (Jan 26th 2pm)

45.00 50.00

This class is to obtain a certificate to apply for your conceal carry permit. The class can range from 1 to 3 hours depending on the number of questions the attendees have for the instructor. 

You are required to shoot a gun during the class. 
Guns and ammo are provided at no additional charge. 

Once the class is complete you will need to take your certificate the Tax Collectors office for application processing. Additional info on what happens after the class can be found here:


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Additional Info

Class begins at 6pm - If you arrive at 6pm please use the south entrance of the building. Class times vary depending on the number of questions the class may have for the instructor. Bring valid ID. Must be 21 years old. This class is only to obtain a certificate. The certificate, along with an application is required to apply for your permit. Valid in all 50 states. 


The additional instructions on how to apply for your permit are provided during class time.